The Art of Guilds of Ravnica

Ravnica, the city of guilds. A planewide metropolis with 10 guilds that keep the place running. The art of Ravnica has always been great as each of their guilds have their own aesthetics and it gives us a vibrant world with many variations

Assassin’s Trophy by Seb McKinnon

Seb McKinnon delivers another fantastic piece of art in Assassin’s Trophy. Depicitng Isperia after succumbing to Vraska’s deadly gaze during the guild summit. The way he drew the trees overgrowing on the stony corpse is just right enough, the gloomy and brownish colors also evoke a feeling of hopelessness, sadness or gloom. Seb has always been an expert at setting mood in his paintings and I really do look forward to see what other pieces he can bring onto the table.

Ledev Guardian by Kimonas Theodossiou

Kimonas is a very friendly person, I have talked to him once or twice online. This is his first piece commissioned for Magic: the Gathering and I love it already. Instead of the gloomy autumn rain featured in most of the cards, he takes the approach of a lighter color palette for this autumnal scene. I honestly prefer this lighter color palette for the Ravnican autumn, I hope more artists take this approach for autumn. Also, go check out Kimonas both at instagram: @artofkimonas or twitter: @ArtOfKimonas

Thief of Sanity by Igor Kieryluk

One of those rare arts that depicts a plane during nighttime, the beautiful toned down browns and yellows become the base for the sprawling metropolis’ lights. The specter’s long flowing cloak and the “thing” its riding is also beautifully textured. The leathery texture of the mount gives us good insight as how the creature “feels”. The specter’s long cold blue hands seems almost real, as if it were a photograph put into the painting. I expect nothing less than stellar artwork from Igor Kieryluk.

Izzet Locket by Aaron Miller

The art for Izzet Locket looks like something you would use in everyday life, the semi holographic image of the Izzet emblem. The bronze casing of the locket reinforces that semi-steampunk aesthetic the Izzet has, probably why I like the guild so much. But I really like this piece in general because how “realistic” the locket is. As I said, it looked like something you could see using during your daily life. I hope to see something like this in Ravnica Alleigance.

Etrata, the Silencer by Bastien L. Dehame

I’ve talked in my last art review in Dominaria about how much I love Bastien’s art and how I love the soft colors and textures he presents in his artwork. Etrata is no different from his usual aesthetics, I love the smoggy rooftops as well as the spires. The moon behind Etrata along with the bats are also a nice touch, adds to her vampiric-ness.

These are some of my favorite arts from Guilds of Ravnica, sorry for the late article. Hopefully I’ll finish my next article by December on the art of Ultimate Masters, I’ll see you soon.